Supplying the water industry with software for engineering analysis, modelling and simulation of
fluid transients, surges, water-hammer, hydraulic performance,
drinking water quality, system control and fire flows
in water supply systems.

HCP Software Pty Ltd
Water System Simulation and Analysis

HCP supplies two software solutions to the water industry and provides development, customer support and training.  Our products have a proven track record in analysing drinking water, wastewater or process water systems.


WaterMax TM
Simulate the real time behaviour of large water supply distribution networks.
A tool that suits most water supply distribution networks you are likely to meet in practice.  More ...

Our real time simulation product is marketed under the name WaterMax in the United States of America and the name  WATSYS in Australia and the rest of the world.
Current release = 11.01


Simulate the transient behaviour of water supply distribution networks.

A specialised tool that suits most enclosed-pipe hydraulic installations you are likely to meet in practice.  More ...
Current release = 11.01

Our Company

HCP Software Pty Ltd provides simulation software to the water industry.  Our mission is to help water utilities and engineering consultants understand the operation of fluid systems through the use of software that can simulate contemporary challenges.

HCP Software Pty Ltd is a partnership between Hydraulic Computer Programming Pty Ltd and jClem Consulting Pty Ltd. 

  • Since 1980 Hydraulic Computer Programming has provided the industry with real-time network simulation and transient analysis software.
  • jClem Consulting is an engineering consultancy specialising in water systems engineering, simulation and software development.
  • Our Directors have worked together informally on software development since 1985.

Based in Australia, HCP coordinates its activities from Perth, Western Australia.  Our software products are developed and supported by engineers and scientists with extensive backgrounds in water industry engineering, science and mathematical techniques. 

Our Experience

We are engineers.  We understand what water network simulation software needs to achieve in your business.  We consult and work with clients in planning offices; design teams; and utility control centres.      We work where you work.